An Update

Hej guys, Hrafn speaking. After my recent post – which got featured on the fantastic Heathen Embers, for which I am very grateful – I got some new faces around here and so I thought I might lay out what’s going to happen ’round here and more.

Firstly let it be clear, that this blog might not get frequent updates. Besides the fact that I am busy with university and real life, I will only post, if I actually have something to say, meaning I will stay away from regular formats and the like. If there is a topic relating to heathenry, I will talk about it, if I can bring something to the conversation. I do have a Twitter, where I post my more immediate thoughts and stuff relating to other interests of mine. There you could also follow and leave suggestions for future posts, if there is something you’d want to hear from me. Right now, I have a few things in the works, potentially about common misconceptions that heathens have about their own faith for example. If you don’t use Twitter, you can also comment here under this post with suggestions and any questions in general, regarding me, my studies, paganism in germany or whatever you feel like. Comments are as always moderated, so they might take a day or two to show up, if I am busy.

I leave you with the primal sounds of Paleowolf and bid thee farewell, until next we meet.

Vertu blessuð.

1 Comment

  1. Thank you for this. It clears a lot of muck from past reads. I possess a particular interest in Asatru, Esoteric gems, occult tidbits and much of ancient knowledge, for that matter. This helped cear my mind of some questions. Discovered I’ve much German ancestry. I’ve always loved the language and thought writings of German, Icelandic, & others to be very cool & beautiful. I’m glad you have access to the beautiful forests for your spiritual needs.


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